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A series of eye-catching new HME products and services will help your business reach new heights with patients and referral partners

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Every fall, product suppliers and service providers prepare to introduce their latest products to the HME industry, and HME Business tries to get as much detailed information about these new products and services and upgrades as possible on our page.

As part of this work, we will continue to provide the new printing and online editing services that we launched a year ago. We call it a product launch, which is a combination of online and printed product reports on new products in the fall.

Online, we will release two special product release demonstration versions of our electronic source electronic newsletter on October 12th and 26th. In addition, we will hold a special product release version of our DemoCast series on October 13th. DemoCast allows you to watch online video demonstrations and listen to our Q&A questions to suppliers. You can register for this free online event at hmebusiness.com/webinars, or you can subscribe to electronic resources on our website. Finally, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter so that you can grasp the hot topics of product launch social media.

For our print report, in this story, you will find information about more than 35 new products and services. In addition to detailed information about the new product, we also provide the company’s contact information so that you can learn more and whether the company will participate in Medtrade East (held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from October 18th to 20th), We have included their booth numbers so that you can see them in person when you attend.

Now, let's take a look at what industry suppliers provide at this fall's product launch:

CAIRE's new myCAIRE telemedicine solution is designed to help oxygen suppliers "upgrade" their "O2 operating system" and simplify their operations to support comprehensive oxygen care. Focusing on improving efficiency and improving care, myCAIRE connects to CAIRE's leading portable and fixed concentrators through patient smart devices, and simplifies remote data collection in real time from the desktop through cloud-based security technology. Available on Android, iOS and Surface platforms, myCAIRE provides improved fleet management through device notifications and GPS positioning; and the ability to view key data such as oxygen usage. It is suitable for portable FreeStyle Comfort and Eclipse 5, as well as stationary Companion 5.

CAIRE Inc. (800) 482-2473 www.caireinc.com/product/mycaire-provider Medtrade booth number. 739

Brightree ReSupply provides a scalable and comprehensive solution designed to help HME suppliers automate the process of providing patients with therapeutic supplements or alternatives. The solution helps identify replenishment opportunities, conduct patient outreach activities, retrieve necessary documents, fulfill orders, and obtain data-driven insights to improve performance. The multi-channel model includes patient portals, mobile applications, digital reminders, and automated phone call solutions to make the process more personalized, transparent, and attractive to patients. The additional SNAP platform uses artificial intelligence to make complex replenishment decisions, further reducing employee contact for each order and improving accuracy at the same time.

Brightree (888) 598-7797 www.brightree.com Medtrade booth number. 806

The immunization certification program of the compliance team covers adult and child immunization and COVID-19 vaccination. The plan verifies and verifies the quality, safety, and efficiency of your institution’s immunization program. It enables you, network administrators, or providers within the network to meet CDC requirements and build trust in the safety and quality of vaccine management. Planning criteria include but are not limited to vaccine storage, infection control, sharps handling, adverse reactions, and patient history and follow-up. The certification is an independent program and is valid for two years.

Compliance Team Company (215) 654-9110 www.thecomplianceteam.org Medtrade booth number. 1331

The upright design of the Protekt Pilot upright walker can improve posture and relieve pain in the lower back, hands and wrists, allowing users to walk longer distances with less pressure, leading to a more flexible and active lifestyle. Features include height-adjustable armrests, lockable handbrake, comfortable seat with backrest support, standing assist handles, 8-inch front wheels, which can be rotated 360 degrees for easy operation. The weight of Protekt Pilot is 300 pounds. Load-bearing capacity, equipped with beverage holder, safety LED light, personal belongings bag and cane holder, and one-year warranty.

Proactive Medical Products (855) 237-7622 www.proactivemedical.com

Universal Software Solutions' Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) provides complete, fully integrated practice management solutions and complete operating software for post-acute healthcare, professional pharmacies, and home infusion providers. USS also offers StowPoint, a modern content management solution. StowPoint can capture and store all scanned hardcopy documents from vendors, as well as many other formats to create virtual customer files. The purpose of the company's development of solutions is to help its customers successfully operate in the healthcare industry.

Universal Software Solutions (810) 653-5000 www.universalss.com Medtrade booth number. 747

Knee arthroscopic surgery usually makes it difficult for patients to resolve knee joint contractures, but stretching of soft tissue has been shown to be effective in maintaining the therapeutic effect. The use of the knee joint allows patients to carry out extended treatment at home or at work. As an FDA Class 1 device, Kneewell may charge Medicare as a static progressive knee stretching device for stretching under code E1811.

Kneewell LLC (800) 736-8367 www.kneewell.com

The Health Care Certification Council (ACHC) has established two special distinctions for organizations certified by DMEPOS. The Clinical Respiratory Patient Management Excellence Award is a recognition that allows suppliers to demonstrate expertise in the management of respiratory diseases, while the Custom Mobile Award is a recognition of top suppliers of customized mobile products, which will further help suppliers to demonstrate their quality of patients Commitment to life. Providers accredited under the ACHC DMEPOS program can use each of these differences.

Healthcare Accreditation Council (ACHC) (855) 937-2242 www.achc.org Medtrade booth number. 853

F&P Evora is a compact nasal mask used to provide PAP therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. It is equipped with the world's first CapFit headband. With dynamic support technology, the stabilizer wing and floating seal work together to move freely while keeping the Evora in place comfortably. The smallest floating seal wraps around the nose to ensure a flexible and comfortable fit.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (800) 792-3912 www.fphcare.com/evoranasal Medtrade booth number. 701

ATLAS Clinical Evaluation Software (ACES) increases the E2D, revenue cycle, and annual revenue of ATP and providers. With ATLAS Clinical Assessment Software (ACES), ATP can prepare integrated patient mobility and home assessments within the software and seamlessly reference them to the therapist's ACES secure portal. The therapist can use ACES to perform clinical mobility assessments, allowing mobility assessments in the patient's home in person or remotely. ACES manages the therapist's report and other necessary documents to support the patient's mobile device to ensure its completeness and accuracy.

ATLAS Clinical Evaluation Software (ACES) (725) 209-3053 www.acesevals.com

Crosstown Concepts Corp.'s main product line AK47 is designed to meet FDA requirements and has been approved for registration. For this reason, AK47 products are produced in FDA-registered facilities according to strict guidelines regarding quality control and pharmaceutical laboratory environment (GMP). Crosstown Concepts Corp. submitted their AK47 sample to the FDA for registration, and the FDA approved its registration. Crosstown Concepts Corp. assigned an NDC number (National Drug Code) to AK47 products and was classified as an over-the-counter drug containing CBD. The AK47 packaging uses bright colors and is displayed on the information-rich purchase point display screen, and each product box is printed with a batch number and a batch number.

Crosstown Concepts Corp. (609) 709-5483 crosstownconcepts.com

Many HMEs waste time and money in managing patients with defective CPAP. Quality Biomedical's new Patient Direct program provides HME with a unique URL, which they email to patients, who then complete the online form and work directly with Quality Biomedical. The service is designed to provide care to patients quickly and easily. The turnaround time is usually a week or less. ResMed and Respironics CPAP and BiPAP's high-quality biomedical services, as well as ResMed's warranty units. Provide MSRP invoices for insurance reimbursement.

Quality Biomedical (727) 547-6000 qualitybiomedical.com

For suppliers who can't get gas cylinders, OxyGo's new oxygen saving regulator ConservOx can help you extend your oxygen usage time. Combined with its small size and light weight, the oxygen storage device also provides proven reliability. Suppliers can reduce their gas cylinder delivery and operating costs through this single control and ergonomically designed T-handle/hand tightening nut, making ConservOx easy for anyone to use.

OxyGo (888) 327-0731 www.applied-inc.com

When in-person visits are not possible, BOC virtual site surveys use technology to enable facility owners to comply with CMS requirements. Virtual field surveys are conducted in real time and standard procedures are replicated. Independent surveyors coordinate online "meetings" to take a virtual tour of the facility. If BOC grants certification, an on-site visit will be conducted as soon as possible. BOC virtual survey is also eligible for BOC's expedited service, which guarantees an appointment with a surveyor within 10 working days.

Board of Certification/ Accreditation (BOC) (877) 776-2200 www.bocusa.org/accreditation/apply/ Medtrade booth number. 1135

Sunset Healthcare Solutions' new passively heated breathing circuit is designed to provide a value that makes it easier for patients to receive treatment. This circuit is designed for use with the Fisher & Paykel MR850 ventilator humidifier. It provides comfortable humidification for adult patients in a hospital or home care environment for one-time use only. The circuit includes heating wire cables, chambers, and airway probe ports. The passively heated breathing circuit is one of the latest products in the Sunset active, passive, heated and non-heated ventilation circuit and accessories series.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions (877) 578-6738 www.sunsethcs.com Medtrade booth number. 605

The BiliTouch phototherapy blanket is designed to treat babies diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia (commonly called neonatal jaundice). It is ultra-portable, lightweight and battery-powered, making it ideal for use in hospitals and homes. The LED light source eliminates the need for fiber optic cables, which simplifies positioning, reduces maintenance, and provides a longer service life. In terms of cost, a typical phototherapy blanket sells for up to US$5,000 per piece, while the wholesale price of BiliTouch starts at US$2,999.

Motif Medical (844) 272-8390 motifmedical.com Medtrade booth number. 600

Masimo's new softFlow provides heated and humidified breathing gas at a high flow rate through a soft nasal cannula for spontaneous breathing patients suffering from respiratory distress and other lung diseases. softFlow is equipped with an advanced integrated airflow generator, which provides consistent airflow during inhalation and exhalation, designed to enhance the therapeutic effect without connecting to an external source of compressed air.

Masimo (949) 297-7000 masimo.com/softflow

The American Home Care Association is the only national association that represents all parts of the HME community. AAHomecare has worked hand in hand with its members to involve state and federal policymakers, CMS and commercial payers, and has made great progress for our industry. AAHomecare is working with state associations to advance strategic federal policy initiatives and take the lead in developing payer relations activities. With industry support, AAHomecare has helped suppliers recover US$2.2 billion in the past two years. Participate by becoming a member and encourage others to do the same!

American Home Care Association (202) 372-0107 aahomecare.org Medtrade booth number. 915

TeleHealth Clinical Evals is a partner for patient assessment with complex powered and manual mobile devices. Its team of practicing physicians and therapists provide face-to-face PT/OT clinical mobility assessments through HIPAA-compliant audio/video conferences. For patients at home or in the facility, all telemedicine assessments meet the payer's requirements, are convenient and efficient. All assessments are accompanied by proof of no financial relationship with the provider. The provider does not need to pay the evaluation fee.

Telemedicine Clinical Evaluation (725) 209-3053 www.telehealthevals.com

Stander's new EZ Click LTC bed handle is the first institutional bed rail that can be attached to any adjustable or articulated bed and overcomes all seven FDA entrainment zones. When the bed is hinged, most bed rails will create gaps and stuck areas, but the patented EZ Click LTC bed handle is specifically designed to eliminate these problem areas. The EZ Click LTC bed handle provides assistance in getting in and out of the bed and can support up to 500 pounds.

Stander (800) 506-9901 stander.com Medtrade booth number. 1325

The NozeSeal tape from NozeSeal LLC is an accessory that fixes and seals the positive airway pressure (PAP) nasal pillow to the patient's nose. This inexpensive new product helps prevent air leaks, headband discomfort, facial skin irritation and hair damage, and provides a good night’s sleep for people with sleep apnea. Advantages include improving the comfort and efficacy of PAP, and it is suitable for any commercially available nasal pillow.

NozeSeal LLC (844) 497-5337 www.nozeseal.com Medtrade booth number. 855

McKesson Biomedical Solutions is a product of McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. It is a solution to meet the equipment needs of HME suppliers. It provides leasing of infusion, intestinal and respiratory equipment, and provides high-quality services, including preventive maintenance, biomedical equipment Maintenance and asset management use our McKesson OneTrack technology to track programs and equipment. Outsourcing these needs can help you reduce capital expenditures, maximize equipment utilization, and meet equipment maintenance and service needs, giving you more time to focus on your business and patient needs.

McKesson (833) 324-6633 mms.mckesson.com Medtrade booth number. 907

Curasev is a cloud-based management platform that helps HME providers simplify their business and better serve patients. Recently, Curasev partnered with CardConnect to allow merchants to integrate and automate credit card processing and billing. It also adds the ERA auto-posting feature, allowing users to post payments automatically instead of manually. The supporting mobile delivery route solution application Curapro can help delivery drivers view and change routes, and automatically send SMS notifications to patients for smoother delivery processing.

Curasev (609) 608-9396 curasev.com Medtrade booth number. 538

The Invacare AVIVA Storm RX rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair brings new features to enhance the experience for users, providers and clinicians. It is aimed at users who travel outdoors but need indoor mobility. The intuitive drive seat provides an easy transition for people who switch from manual wheelchairs to electric wheelchairs. The compact base design provides better maneuverability, and the SureGrip suspension system helps increase traction over obstacles. The front caster bushing reduces the vibration seen by the user, thereby helping to reduce fatigue, and the front caster moves outward to allow the use of a centrally mounted front rigging to help improve user comfort.

Invacare Corp. (800) 333-6900 rehab.invacare.com

UPWalker Neuro follows the original UPWalker, but adds functions and benefits to patients with neurological and movement disorders. UPWalker Neuro has armrest angle adjustment function, which is suitable for hemiplegic patients and other patients with limited arm movement or muscle tension (the angle can be set at any position between straight forward and vertical body). The back-up prevention mechanism on the two rear wheels reduces the risk of retreating, and the speed control resistance brake manages the speed of the UPWalker's rolling. Other features include handrail bridges that provide enhanced stability for impaired patients, and rechargeable motion-activated safety lights that illuminate the user's path.

LifeWalker Mobile Products (877) 488-0822 upwalker.com

The new Go-Go Endurance Li includes a standard, airline-approved 8Ah battery pack and 16Ah MAXX lithium battery options, allowing you to enjoy a longer cruising range per charge. Compared with sealed lead-acid batteries, the weight of lithium-ion batteries is reduced by 60%, the cruising range is extended by 31%, and the speed is maintained throughout the discharge cycle, and the charging speed is increased by 140%. It can also be charged and short-term charging without affecting the battery life, and provides a two-year warranty. Endurance Li is equipped with two standard compact foldable seat options: 17 inches x 17 inches and 20 inches x 18 inches.

Pride Mobility Products (800) 800-8586 Pridemobility.com Medtrade booth number. 1007

DreamPort one-size-fits-all, fragmentary headwear is not a traditional mask. Instead, the interface is fixed on the patient's face with a gentle, hypoallergenic tape that firmly seals DreamPorts at the bottom of the nostril. This means that only the airflow from the machine enters the nostrils. These devices are clinically proven to not leak, eliminate mask lines, dry eyes, hair matting, and reduce claustrophobia and headwear problems. One-time DreamPorts use hypoallergenic surgical-grade adhesives, are compatible with all CPAP machines, are covered by all major insurances, and are manufactured in the United States.

Bleep LLC (919) 619-7170 bleepsleep.com Medtrade booth number. 1230

The Safe-er-Grip all-white 12-inch suction cup balance aid bar provides instant connection and includes a simple one-step locking mechanism. The suction cup design is suitable for any non-porous, flat surface, including tiles, glass, acrylic and metal, allowing users to place the grab bar where they need it most. No tools are required, all rods include non-slip handles and super thick suction cups, which are durable.

MHI Safe-er-Grip (800) 371-3509 www.safe-er-grip.com

Everest & Jennings PureTilt has user or caregiver adjustable tilt control for easy posture adjustment throughout the day, which is essential for comfort and decompression. PureTilt standard features include an ergonomic profile and height-adjustable backrest; an ergonomic rear handle; a non-removable padded hinged arm that can swing upwards and backwards for easy transfer; non-removable adjustable angle and length Adjustable padded hydraulic leg rests with retractable pedals; padded height-adjustable headrest; 6-inch front swivel castors; 22-inch rear wheels; wheel locks; and rear anti-roller. The back tilts forward for easy storage and transportation. The maximum load capacity is 300 pounds, evenly distributed.

GF Health Products Inc. (770) 368-4700 www.grahamfield.com Medtrade booth number. 519

Apex's Pro-care Optima combines pressure ulcer prevention with improving the efficiency of caregivers. Dynamic pressure redistribution Alternating air mattresses are equipped with a pump that can distribute the weight of the entire mattress in 15 minutes. The mattress is equipped with patient-centric attributes such as multi-zone air pressure redistribution, healing relief, micro-air loss and micro-climate management to improve the perfusion of at-risk or damaged soft tissues.

Apex Medical Corp. (714) 671-3818 www.apexmedicalcorp.com/us/index.html

EzOx is a single-person, multi-purpose disposable oximeter that can be directly transported to the patient's home for overnight blood oxygen saturation test. The device can record up to 100 hours and can be used for repeated tests if necessary. Connect to the app via Bluetooth, and the app will send the results to VirtuOx to obtain the IDTF-certified blood oxygen saturation report required for oxygen identification.

Virtuox/Healthcare Logiix (256) 298-8779 ezoximetry.com/dem/# Medtrade booth number. 1330

The new Tranquility Essential Breathable Briefs-Heavy provides reliable protection that incontinence customers will trust. Available in sizes from XS to 2XL, these cloth-like, breathable, label-style briefs are designed and performed to meet the highest state Medicaid standards. Features include Kufguards and leg elastics to ensure leakage and fecal safety, superabsorbent cores to lock in the smell of urine, and breathable sides that support the ideal microclimate to neutralize pH and keep the skin dry. Suppliers can request a free sample tray for their customers to try out Tranquility Essential breathable panties before buying.

Tranquility (800) 467-3224 quietproducts.com/medtrade2021 Medtrade booth number. 1133

Blue Chip's Tactilus is the perfect solution for creating the best therapeutic seat surface. Blue Chip's seat sensor is a matrix-based tactile surface sensor. One thousand and twenty-four (1024) sensing points cover the entire surface area of ​​our sensor's "skin", allowing discrete point pressure analysis at any point in the contact area. This provides the accurate patient data needed to create the optimal seat surface for maximum comfort, correct positioning and pressure redistribution.

Blue Chip Medical Products Inc. (800) 795-6115 www.bluechipmedical.com

The Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 face mask series is a reusable multi-patient full face mask that includes five sizes to suit various patients. The fit under the chin, new sealing flange and anatomical contour design help to ensure the best leak-free fit. These properties, combined with high-quality, soft silicone and steam autoclave and dishwasher-safe materials, make masks an ideal choice for home and healthcare CPAP/bi-level use. Non-ventilated and anti-suffocation valve rotary joints are available on request.

Hans Rudolph Inc. (800) 456-6695 www.rudolphkc.com

The new MK battery charger model MD-EN0801 is an 8 amp charger, the largest MK charger for CRT electric chairs, which can ensure full charge after 8 hours. MK Battery also provides a variety of chargers to meet the unique charging requirements of each customer. The MK battery charger can charge all lead battery types, GEL and AGM, and when the battery is fully charged, all MK chargers will automatically turn off.

MK Battery (800) 372-9253 www.mkbattery.com Medtrade booth number. 514

Prochant Analytics is a strategic business intelligence platform for HME and pharmacy revenue cycle management. The platform provides suppliers with a complete and holistic view of their most important indicators, including DSO, accounts receivable aging, holding income, and open orders. Prochant Analytics has complete drill capabilities, historical views, and trend analysis to help providers transform their KPIs and focus on the solutions needed to achieve financial growth.

Prochant (888) 349-9015 www.prochant.com Medtrade booth number. 732

Serena Seat Pro combines luxury, comfort, beauty and safety. For many users, the Serena chair will be the core of their bathroom upgrade. Using bamboo to make wood and aluminum frames, the seat is a durable shower seat solution. Serena Seat Pro has a range of frame finishes and bamboo panel stains, suitable for many bathroom designs and styles.

HealthCraft Products Inc. (888) 619-9992 www.healthcraftproducts.com

BOSS Equalizer HD Tilt is a 600 lb.-capacity heavy-duty reclining seat system. When added to a similar chair base, it has a 60° reclining movement. The seat size includes width to 32 inches and depth to 24 inches to obtain the best tissue allowance. The arm can be adjusted in height, length, angle and width. The sculpted back can adjust the angle, depth and back gap, allowing excessive tissue space to flow. Available options include power articulated ELR, power articulated center column, always swing, and custom-sized foot pedals.

PaceSaver (800)-255-4147 www.pacesaver.com

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